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Here at Cabinets by Sun Ray, we have been VERY busy creating wonderful kitchen and bath spaces throughout Northern Arizona.  Generally speaking, it takes a few weeks from the time we install cabinetry to the time the project is complete and ready for photos.  As such, we post photos along the way (through our Instagram account).  These photos are then shared to our Facebook page and ultimately end up as links on our website.

In the coming weeks, we will be updating our page to include  a "Gallery" section that will add more photos from projects that we are working on.  In the meantime, please "Like" us on Facebook and follow along with our projects through our Instagram account "Cabinets by Sun Ray."


Compact Colonial in Flagstaff

After spending years in Oak Cabinet Limbo, this compact kitchen in Flagstaff is getting a beautiful cream-colored makeover…complete with glass display cabinetry and an over-the-counter wine rack.

Dimensions from our original measure...this is all we bring back to our office (and a lot of input from our clients) to begin the design process.

Dimensions from our original measure...this is all we bring back to our office (and a lot of input from our clients) to begin the design process.

The challenge with this remodel was that we needed to preserve (as closely as possible) the current footprint, while adding modern functionality, via roll-out trays under the wine rack. The corner sink cabinet will be built in place using a matching face-frame and doors.


Look for this kitchen to be installed early May 2018.

An Unassuming, Sleek Kitchen in the Woods (Remodel)


This small, modern kitchen resides in a progressive architectural style building nestled into the woods of Northern Arizona. The deep espresso color on these Maple bases contrasts nicely with the stark counters and floors. While it may seem a bit empty on the walls, this space was designed intentionally with no uppers to allow flexibility in adding unique storage pieces later onto these walls. The space provided a challenge to be very functional in only the bases, yet also feel spacious and allow for a multitude of guests.


Engineered Quartz counters feed into the clean look of the space in addition to the very popular waterfall edge on the dining room side. A slab door style also simplifies the area though not without amenities such as a pull-out trash/recycle unit, lazy susan, and roll outs hidden within.


A Family Unit (Remodel - Installing March 2018)


This family-of-four kitchen includes everything needed to keep each day running smoothly. From trash/recycle units, to pull out spice racks and even new pantry amenities, this medium sized kitchen has got it all.
We modified the footprint to enlarge the sink wall run and make the entire space feel larger without encroaching into, and overpowering, the dining room.


Furthermore, the uniquely shaped space under the stairs, which was previously converted into a pantry, is now even more functional with finished shelves and alternating height bookcases to accommodate the sloped ceiling.


The warmth of Medallion Cabinetry’s Rumberry stain,  paired with a twist on a traditional shaker door, fits right into the surroundings of Northern Arizona.